How can I add photos to the Photo Section?

    Our Photo section is a little different in that we use Instagram platform for our members to share photos. Instagram is a great platform since millions of people are using the app and connected through the app. In addition, member do not have to upload two different places just to share awesome aviation photos. So how to upload photos:

    We uses Instagram's API to detect hashtag then take the hashtag feed and display it on our website. The four type of hashtags that we uses are:
    - #aviflight_fixedwings
    - #aviflight_rotarywings
    - #aviflight_aerostats
    - #aviflight_ultralights

    Using Instagram App

    Step 1: Click on the "Plus" button

    Step 2: Choose Library or take a photo from your camera

    Step 3: Apply filter (optional)

    Step 4: Write a caption for the photo.

    Step 5: Include one of our hashtag above in your caption.

    Step 6: Click "Share"

    Using Desktop to share photo
    - Not sure why but Instagram does not have an option to share using desktop, so we will use a work around. We will need to trick Instagram to show that we are using a mobile phone to upload photos.

    Step 1: Open broswer (we suggest Chrome) and navigate to

    Step 2: Right click the mouse and select inspect (inspect element)

    Step 3: Toggle Device toolbar by Ctrl + Shift + M

    Step 4: Login and perform the same steps as using Instagram App.

    Once you share a photo, the photo will take some time to get pickup by our website.

    Hope this helps, please direct message us on Twitter if you still have questions.

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