It goes without saying that the strength of a community lies with its people, therefore, we are greatly appreciated you visiting this page. It means a lot to us and our mission. Please support us in any way you can. Thank you.


Our platform offers several ways for the user that wishes to contribute. Contribution is a great way to share the passion for the skies. Below is a list of items that we have a need for a contributor.

- Volunteer Needed!
We are looking for volunteers to be one of the first to test out our upcoming features. More info is coming.

- Produce Quizzes
Do you like to create challenging quizzes for the users? (LINK)

To show our appreciation, when you contribute to one or more item from the list, you will receive a “CONTRIBUTOR” badge for your profile PLUS your name and location will be displayed on our "Meet the Supporters and Contributors" page.