Fraud Prevention Guideline


The web is full of good people but....also people with bad intention. We hope this guideline will educate both buyer and seller to use sound judgment when using our platform to sell and buy.

Quick Tips & Red-flags

- Do diligent in researching the buyers and sellers.
- When a deal sounds to be too good to be true, it probably is.
- Take notice of the written/spoken language. The majority of the aviation industry uses English as the main form of communication.
- Take notice of the knowledge of the buyers and sellers when asking details of the listing.
- We provide the option to list phone to call and talk but finalizing any deals should have written records such as emails, texts, and documents.
- If dealing with a dealer or major known seller in the industry, make sure to look at their email address. Major known seller will typically use their company email address to conduct business and not email address from yahoo, google, outlook, etc.
- If dealing with a dealer or major known seller in the industry, try to google their provided phone number to see if the number is somehow connected to the business.
- AviFlight provides a platform to connect buyers and sellers, we do not represent any parties. If the buyers or sellers said that AviFlight is involved then it may be a fraud.
- Pay close attention to any communication that is involved with Western Union, Shippers, Agent, Overpayment, International, MoneyGram.
- If a high value item is involved, we suggest the parties use a well-known escrow company.
- If escrow company is involved, please research and verify if the escrow company is real and does exist.
- Use caution when sellers or buyers try to rush to close the deal or tries to close the deals with urgency.

What to do with a suspicious listing.

- Click on the three-dot menu and select “Report Listing” (need to sign-in).